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Sierra Products

8, 15 Ton Gas Heat Pump (GHP) Models AXGP096E1NHS, AXGP180E1NHS, AWGP180PHSD

GHP Product Details

  • Supporting refrigerant & hydronic heat pumps
  • Supports up to 17 (8T) & 33 (15T) air handlers
  • Single Phase Power
  • No back up heat needed
  • Natural Gas
  • Propane (15T)
  • Twin two 15T for 30T supporting 66 air handlers
The Gas Heat Pump by Sierra is the latest model from Mestex to use an internal combustion engine, to power the AC's internal components instead of utility supplied electricity. The engine supports both Natural Gas and Propane configurations and has delivered electrical savings, both at time of construction and on a monthly basis, for hundreds of institutions nationwide.

The Sierra Gas Heat Pump offers three configurations for delivering BTUs to a building; either using a Daikin VRV® Air Handlers, Sierra Hydronic Heat Pump Energy Exchanger, or select Sierra DOAS models.

*VRV is a trademark of Daikin Industries, Ltd.
GHP Energy Exchanger - Air-Water Systems (AWS) Model AWS20E1

ZFR Product Details

  • Supporting 2 or 4 pipe systems
  • Retrofit or New construction
  • Single Phase Power
  • Install as a single zoneor central plant
  • Chilled Beams
The Sierra AWS (Air Water System) Heat Pump Energy Exchanger enables the Sierra GHP to deliver BTUs via a buildings existing water systems. Retrofits of 2, 3 or 4 pipe and multi-zone hydronic heating and cooling systems start here. The exchanger enables select SpacPac, Dadanco Active Chill Beams, and Sterling Hydronic HVAC components are complementary products depending upon your implementation details.
GHP Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Models AQ, DQ, EQ, FQ, HQ, MQ, NQ, TQ, UQ, ZQ

ZFR Product Details

  • Capacities from 7K Btu/h to 96K Btu/h
  • Retrofit or New construction
  • Single Phase Power
  • TYPES:
  • Wall Mount
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Floor Standing
  • Duct Concealed
  • 2 & 4 way Cassettes
VRF (variable refrigerant flow) ductless and ducted air handlers are used with Sierra products to meet the challenge of heating and cooling by providing independent temperature control in multi-zoned buildings
DOAS Split System - Model ZFR

ZFR Product Details

  • Dedicated Outside Air System
  • Rooftop AHU with dehumidification, heating, and filtration
  • Utilizes external DX or existing CWS cooling source
  • Integral indirect-fired heating with DHTD (patent(s) pending)
  • Includes Patented AdaptAire™ DDC controls, integrates with most building control systems
The ZFR delivers high quality outside ventilation air for comfort and Indoor Air Quality in commercial buildings, with dehumidification, heating and filtration (up to MERV15) in a split system configuration. The ZFR allows engineers to satisfy load requirements more efficiently with higher ventilation rates while permitting conventional HVAC equipment to operate as originally designed.
DOAS Integral Package Unit - Model DCV

DCV Product Details

  • Dedicated Outside Air System
  • Rooftop AHU with integral cooling, heating and filtration
  • Built-in DX condensing unit
  • Integral indirect-fired heating with DHTD (patent(s) pending)
  • Includes Patented AdaptAire™ DDC controls, integrates with most building control systems
The new Sierra DCV is the most cost-effective way to provide cooling, heating and high-efficiency filtration (up to MERV15) of outside air for commercial building ventilation in a packaged unit. The DCV is the only packaged DOAS unit that delivers full ASHRAE 62.1 compliance, and up to 6 LEED points in a single product!
EVAP Evaporative Cooling System - Model ZEC

ZEC Product Details

  • Heavy duty single-stage evaporative cooling
  • Ideal for laundries and restaurants
  • Up to 80% saturation efficiency
  • Low Operating and Maintenance Costs
The ZEC evaporative cooling system is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to improve working conditions and productivity. Evaporative systems can cool at 20% the cost of mechanical air conditioning. The innovative Turbo-CEL™ evaporative cooling media provides efficient cooling using water, not refrigerants, reducing your carbon footprint. Capacities up to 23,000 cfm are available.
EVAP Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling System - Model Aztec

AZTEC Product Details

  • Multi-stage rooftop evaporative cooling system for make-up and ventilation
  • As much as 30° drop at 100°/74° F design conditions
  • Provides up to 119% saturation efficiency
  • Performance far exceeding typical evaporative systems
The Sierra Aztec evaporative cooling system is the ultimate in energy efficiency, providing impressive reductions in supply air temperatures rivaling mechanical refrigeration. The Aztec uses a first stage integrated stainless steel cooling tower and cooling coil to provide cooled air to a second stage direct evaporative section, delivering performance of up to 30 EER. Available in sizes from 1500 to 37000 cfm, the Aztec is also available with a heating section up to 1.4 mbtu input.
DF-HEAT Direct-Fired heating system - Model ZDF

ZDF Product Details

  • Direct-fired design delivers 100% combustion efficiency for space heating
  • 2.5" of external static provides installation flexibility and handles long duct runs
  • Certified to ANSI Standards Z83.4 and Z83.18
  • Includes Patented AdaptAire™ DDC controls, integrates with most building control systems
The ZDF Direct Fired systems are flexible, cost-effective units for indoor or outdoor space heating, make-up air, and ventilation applications. Superior tube frame construction and stainless steel burners deliver decades of reliable service. The ZDF from Sierra can provide up to 16,000 CFM of warm, fresh and clean air to your building.

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