Today's indoor agriculture and cultivation grow rooms require industrial grade HVAC systems to ensure the right climate conditions are available to the plants at the right time. Temperature, humidity, and CO2 must be maintained despite constantly changing conditions inside and outside of the grow room to ensure a healthy crop.

Pathogens, pollen and mildew must be continually removed from recirculated and fresh air to comply with states' ever tightening regulations. These mechanical systems must be controllable, both at the unit and remotely via the web, for scalable multi-room and multi-location operation. Sierra, a Mestex brand, has assembled a line of state-of-the-art mechanical systems that are controlling the climates of award-winning indoor agriculture grow rooms and green houses nationwide. Click To Find
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Cultivation Products
Heating and Cooling
Gas Heat Pump 8 or 15 Ton, conditions award winning grow rooms nationwide with Natural Gas or Propane, reducing initial electrical infrastructure requirements and ongoing and peak demand kilowatt hour electrical costs with integrated temp and humidity controls.
Electric Split System Cooling Unit 15,000 CFM, electric powered, largescale chilled water or DX HVAC with HEPA filters and integrated temp and humidity controls.
High Efficiency Commercial Boilers for warming midsize to large scale grow rooms and greenhouses to the perfect temperature.
Environmental Controls with data collection for alerting, maintenance, audit and analysis. These controls may be used independently or integrated with grow room or building environmental management systems. Web and on-site access. Integrates with all commonly used protocols.
Growspace Accessories
GHP Energy Exchanger - Enables the Gas Heat Pump to provide hot and chilled water to hydronic conditioned grow rooms.
Grow Room Air Handlers and Fan Coils eliminates dead zones in grow rooms enabling even, healthy plant growth by reducing air flow deficiencies. These industrial strength units are built to withstand the harshest of grow room environment and can be configured for single or multi zone grow rooms.
Filtration and Extraction units. Are your neighbors complaining? Has the town, county or state just changed ordinances - again? Or heat, CO2, or microbial buildup is just too great? Whatever the reason, if you need large-volume, HEPA filtered entering air or carbon filtered air extraction for your grow room or greenhouse, Sierra has the solution.
Design Validation and Optimization Services, Provides a 3D view of your growroom's temperature, humidity, pressure, and particle flow. Determine optimal airflow configurations to prevent dead zones, contaminant spread and cross currents from multiple lighting zones.
Sierra Air Curtains provide a first line of defense, preventing contaminants from entering the room. Leverage the know-how that has protected computer, bio, and food processing industries for decades.

Both at the unit level and remotely via the web

Industrial Grade

Equipment ensures the right climate conditions

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