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Sierra Propane Powered Climate Control

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The propane tank - It's not just for heating...

From outdoor grilling to warming our homes, year-round the propane tank has come to mean heat.

But did you know that your propane tank suppling your BBQs and furnaces can now help to cool and dehumidify your home, office or place of business?

The Sierra Gas Heat Pump

The first propane-powered air conditioner, to deliver commercial grade climate control using propane and just a hair-dryer's worth of electricity. A perfect solution for locations where the electricity is either too weak or too expensive.

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Unlike other air conditioners or dehumidifiers, the Sierra Gas Heat Pump uses a propane-fueled internal combustion engine for much of its operation. Delivering more cooling, in more locations, using less electricity than all-electric air conditioners.

Climate Control Applications Include:

  • Supplemental power generator/turbine size reduction
  • Commercial, industrial, multi-unit residential, academic, correctional or military structures in rural, remote, or island locations
  • Time-bounded or event-driven including construction site, temporary or mobile building or tented event

See your propane tank
in a whole new way...

Read how an emerging suburban industry has come to depend upon propane cooling for its survival in North Las Vegas.

Demand Snowballs for Propane-Fueled Commercial HVAC Systems

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