Sierra Fresh Air Systems
Stressing Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

About Sierra Fresh Air Systems

Sierra Mountains

Sierra was created to communicate the synergy between our existing products and the current trends towards environmental responsibility and sustainability. We build 100% outside air systems to supply our customers with the cleanest possible fresh air for a variety of applications. And we’ve been doing it a long, long time. In fact, we’ve been building systems like these here in Dallas, TX since 1946, systems that have a reputation for quality and sustainability that is second to none. In fact, our parts department regularly receives requests for replacement parts on units that are over 50 years old. Clearly sustainability is nothing new to us. Neither is environmental responsibility. Our direct and indirect evaporation units utilize the most environmentally safe refrigerant in the world, water. By utilizing the cooling effect of evaporating water we have been able to achieve energy efficiency ratings as high as 30 EER. Ratings like this not only save you thousands of dollars per year in energy consumption, but also significantly reduce your buildings carbon footprint. With performance like this you are probably wondering what else we make. You’ll be happy to know that we also make direct-fired heating units as well. Our state of the art direct-fired burner insures that 100% of the fuel used for heating your building is consumed in the combustion process. These units are built to same quality standards employed in our cooling units. So, if you are concerned about your environment and sustainability when you need to provide fresh clean air to your building, remember Sierra Fresh Air Systems for your outside air delivery system.

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