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The Spark Spread

Companies switching to gas cooling

Save up to 80% of their Air Conditioning costs!

The Spark Spread is the difference between the cost of one BTU of cooling using a traditional electric-powered air conditioner, compared to one BTU of cooling using an equivalent Natural Gas or Propane-powered AC. With the price of Natural Gas forecasted to stay low, while utility supplied electricity costs skyrocket every year, more and more companies are seeing the value of the spark spread and making the switch to gas cooling for their office, commercial or residential buildings.

Since its introduction to the United States over 15 years ago, the Sierra GHP has helped hundreds of customers make the switch to gas cooling while leveraging their existing chilled water, hydronic or variable refrigerant flow infrastructure. The majority of these customers have seen a savings of over 80% of their AC cost by switching to gas cooling. Savings will vary by location, demand, and utility costs.

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